Despite the fact that OC Barging is a relatively young company, we sail with an enormous amount of experience. Since 2017 we have been transporting wood chips with our own ships. These years of experience, together with the specialisation in this type of cargo, make OC Barging an expert in this field. As shipping companies we also transported agribulk gmp+ and other bulk and project cargoes before that. It was therefore an expected step that shortly after the establishment OC Barging started chartering these cargoes as well as timber.

Due to increasing growth in the industry for recycling/biomass and agribulk gmp+, stricter regulations for the transport of these cargo flows, it is more important than ever to work with reliable partners. Transparent communication is essential for this.
We relieve shippers and hauliers of their worries and offer them a professional turnkey solution. Our motto "We say what we do and we do what we say" stands for transparency in communication and that is where we want to make the difference. 

With OC Barging, we can also relieve our customers by supporting them in planning, paperwork and permits. When it comes to transport on the European waterways, OC Barging is your absolute partner.


Entrepreneurs with extensive experience

OC Barging was founded by Cor Hogenboom and Rinaldo Kerkhof. Both have many years of experience as shipping entrepreneurs as well as extensive experience in the transport of various shiploads. Rinaldo took over the shipping company (MS Osar) that was founded in 1972 from his parents in 2008. After years of sailing as an employee and a short career as a terminal employee, Cor started his own inland shipping company in 2003 (MS Consensus).

In 2017, in response to the demand from existing customers for a larger cargo package, the two entrepreneurs joined forces and founded OC Barging. Rinaldo is responsible for planning and is the specialist in permits. Cor is mainly concerned with paperwork and accounting. This is an excellent balance to provide customers with the best possible service.

Partner for shipper and carrier

It is important for shippers to be able to count on reliable continuity in service and capacity. As a partner, OC Barging is the point of contact between the shipper and the carrier. We ensure that the cargo is picked up on time and that the agreed deadlines are adhered to. We also support our clients in planning and paperwork, so that we can take work off the shipper's hands.

We do all this with a reliable network of carriers. Here, too, we consider it important to act as a partner and we ensure clear and short lines of communication between the shipper, carrier and receiver. In addition, we support carriers in achieving and maintaining the correct certifications.


The right capacity for your load

OC Barging works with a fleet of fixed vessels to ensure continuity and quality. In addition, we have a network of ships at our disposal that we can deploy and which allows us to scale up flexibly if necessary.

The size of the ships varies from 65 to 135 metres, respectively 720 to 3815 tonnes. This allows us to sail through the most important West European waterways.

Originally, we excelled in the transport of waste wood in the German canals area to far beyond Berlin. Most of our ships are equipped in such a way that we can navigate to the capillaries of the hinterland. For other recycling and/or cargo flows, we can rely on our network.