OC Barging is your specialized partner in inland navigation when it comes to the transport of waste wood. We especially distinguish ourselves in the transport of wood chips (B-wood and C-wood). We support the complete logistic process, from loading to unloading the raw materials, for various clients in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France.

You can build on our years of experience and knowledge of the market. We sail with our own ships and also have a large network of carriers equipped with the necessary certifications for the transport of waste wood.

We offer our customers a professional turnkey solution and are transparent in our communication. That is where we want to make the difference.


Specialist in waste wood

The wood chips that OC Barging transports are mainly used for the biomass industry (B-wood and C-wood). This is not only a sustainable solution, but also helps to ensure that waste wood gets a second life. The regulations for B- and C-wood are stricter than for A-wood and that is where our expertise lies.

Ships sailing for OC Barging are allowed to transport all types of waste wood because they have the right certification and experience. This also applies in Germany, where waste wood (Holzabfälle A2-A3-A4 comparable to A, B and C wood) can only be transported according to the Beförderungserlaubnis. OC Barging guarantees quality and service not only for waste wood, but also for agribulk GMP+ and other bulk- and project cargoes.