OC Barging has the expertise to transport project cargos over the European waterway network. Cargos that are characterized as 'exceptional', 'special' or 'extraordinary' because of their size or volume. In short: OC Barging is also the right partner for shipments of unprecedented size.

Each project cargo requires a specialist approach. Think, for instance, of the transport of steel coils, construction parts, turbines, motors or transformers. Where road or rail transport is more limited, transport by water can be the solution for your transport of size. This way volume can often be transported more efficiently and cost saving. OC Barging will be pleased to discuss with you how we can get your cargo to its destination.


Size does matter

For the transport of project cargoes, there are solutions by road, rail and water. All possibilities have their advantages and disadvantages. The final solution depends on the format and volume of your cargo.

Transport by inland waterway in Europe is increasing all the time and is given the characteristics of being able to relieve our roads and being a sustainable way of transport. The most important advantages of this mode of transport are the ability to transport a larger volume and/or format, no traffic jams, less hassle with permits, no special convoy guidance and a direct connection from the production locations to the most important inland ports.