Agribulk is the collective term for all agricultural goods, such as grains, oilseeds and animal feed raw materials that are transported in large quantities. These products are an important part of the food and energy chains. The transport of your agribulk GMP+ cargo by inland waterways in Europe is in safe hands with OC Barging.

Since we are talking about food safety, strict requirements are imposed on everyone who is part of the chain. We as OC Barging realise that the laws, regulations and standards concerning safe animal feed are good and necessary. The correct certification according to the GMP+ FSA standards is therefore of great importance to us. We continuously monitor and support our chain partners on their compliance with regulations and procedures.


Aware of food safety

Food safety goes further than merely complying with the rules that apply to it. As GMP+ International indicates, the unique chain approach which it maintains includes: individual and joint responsibility. When each link in the chain is committed to animal feed safety, together we ensure a safe market.

Ingredients needed to achieve this common goal are not limited to having knowledge of the rules. Awareness and motivation of each individual, and what effect each action has and its importance for food safety, are also important. OC Barging is not only well equipped to transport your agribulk GMP+ cargo in the right way, but also motivated and aware of its responsibility.