OC Barging has the right knowledge and certification to be able to transport all grades of waste wood and other recyclables, as well as GMP+FSA animal feeds, in the Netherlands, Belgium,Germany and France. This also distinguishes us from other logistics providers. 

All ships sailing for OC Barging have the necessary certifications at all times in order to guarantee the quality and reliability of your cargo.


& Entsorgungsfachbetrieb

For the Reorganisation of the Closed Substance Cycle and Waste Management Act on German territory, strict regulations apply to collectors, transporters, traders and brokers. In cross-border traffic on inland waterways, the transport of waste must take place in accordance with Regulation 1013/2006. A Permission Certificate is required for this. Each ship must have its own Permission § 53 or Permission § 54.

OC Barging B.V. is also certified as a specialised waste management company - Entsorgungsfachbetrieb - according to § 56 Kreislaufwirtschaftsgesetz (KrWG).

Quality in transport
starts with NIWO

Companies which collect or transport waste (industrial or hazardous) on a professional basis or which arrange for disposal or recovery of waste (industrial or hazardous) for others must be registered on the Dutch list of collectors, transporters, dealers and brokers of waste (VIHB-list). Besides it makes no difference whether the waste is carried by road, rail or waterway. Also foreign companies carrying out these activities in the Netherlands should be registerd on the VIHB-list. The VIHB-list of registered collectors, transporters, dealers or brokers of waste is published on the website of NIWO.

Source: www.niwo.nl


Together we make
tomorrow more beautiful

OVAM is a Flemish government service that ensures that waste, materials and soil are dealt with in a well-considered and environmentally-conscious manner in Flanders. They give direction to the policy on waste, materials and soil and thus influence the implementation of legislation.

They protect the soil by monitoring soil quality in Flanders, preventing contamination and carrying out soil decontamination on their own initiative.

They help families and companies to avoid waste and to sort it correctly. Together with all Flemings, they work on a circular economy in order to maximise the life span and reuse of products and raw materials.

Source: www.ovam.be

GMP+ FSA “Feed Safety Worldwide"

GMP+ FSA certified companies demonstrate that they meet all requirements and conditions for the assurance of feed safety. FSA stands for Feed Safety Assurance.

GMP+ FSA contains standards for all links in the chain. ISO 9001, HACCP, feed safety limits, traceability, monitoring, prerequisite programs and the Early Warning System.

The unique chain approach used by GMP+ International merges the best of both worlds: individual and joint responsibility. Because every link in the chain commits itself, feed safety responsibility is secured throughout the GMP+ market. Also, becoming part of a chain helps companies expand into new, global markets.

Source: www.gmpplus.org/en